Cathleen Lewis Real Estate

I advertise your listing on the internet, in magazines, and on nationwide television!

Multi-Listing Service (MLS)


Your listing will be posted to MLS within 24 hours of signing with me.  This includes pictures, important documents, and a virtual tour that can be e-mailed out to friends, family and potential buyers.

Point2 Real Estate


By adding your listing to the Point2 website, the information on your property is syndicated to over 1200 websites including the ones listed below.  Now that's exposure!


Homes & Land


Maximum Reach

By advertising with Homes & Land I reach the largest, most qualified home buying audience. Homes & Land syndicates my  properties everywhere across the web, to mobile devices, in their quality magazine, and through targeted direct mail.


Syndicating My Properties Everywhere

Homes & Land puts my listings in front of the largest possible audience. They do this by:

Web: They promote my properties in front of the most affluent audience in real estate at In addition, my properties are syndicated to more than 20 of their syndication partners like Trulia, Zillow, and Yahoo! Real Estate. They also send high end, luxury properties to their premium syndication partners like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The DuPont Registry[ii].

Mobile Devices: Consumers can access my listings on in a format designed specifically for their mobile device. They can even use their Twitter account to get property information on their mobile device from

Quality Magazine: Consumers can find my properties everywhere they go and shop with Homes & Land Magazine. 60 million copies of Homes & Land Magazine are distributed locally in over 30,000 communities nationwide each year. A typical market distributes tens of thousands of copies 13 times per year.

Targeted Direct Mail: They mail over 1.5 million Homes & Land Magazines each year. They mail them to major employers, chambers of commerce, homebuyers, home sellers - in other words, anyone who is buying, selling or relocating.